About Us

Welcome to Blue Shoe Gallery and thank you for visiting us!

Blue Shoe Gallery was born in 2021 when time afforded possibility. We were two Irish Craft enthusiasts working alongside the industry for a combined number of years far more than we’d like to admit! We felt it time to immerse ourselves in the creativity we so greatly admire and use our experience to bring a new range of framed art prints to life. And so the adventure began.

Some of Clive’s fondest memories are of his days serving behind the counter of his father’s shoe shop in the West of Ireland. Salter’s Footwear, opened by his Grandfather, is the inspiration behind the name Blue Shoe Gallery. And it is a culmination of his early shop floor days, retail management, and more recently his success in working with Irish Craft brands, that paved the way to his most exciting venture to date.

Growing up in a house where everything was fixed or made, Eileen had an early appreciation for all things handmade. A part time job during school holidays in a local craft business added a practical knowledge to that appreciation, realising that craft could be more than just a hobby. It was here her path first crossed with Clive’s, from which she gained invaluable experience in the front facing end of the Irish Craft industry.

Together we have delighted in bringing Blue Shoe Gallery to life. Hard work, a steep learning curve, but most importantly fun, have been the cornerstones of our journey so far. Meeting, getting to know, and working with Irish Artists has been such a privilege. We look forward to doing so for many more years to come.

Clive Salter
Eileen O’Brien
Blue Shoe Gallery