About Us

Welcome to Blue Shoe Gallery and thank you for visiting us!

We’re based in County Cork but you can find our Irish Art framed prints all around the country in stores like Carraig Donn and lots of great independent retailers and here, right now, on our own website.

Everything we do is hand made in Ireland, carefully and as sustainably as possible. . . So what does "fuelled by buttered toast and poetry” mean? Well it’s that mix of pragmatic hard work and wild creative spirit; realising feeding the body and the soul equally is what truly, successfully drives us all on and forward . . .

. . . It’s buttered toast at 3 in the morning after a night ‘out out’ (remember those??); that plate silently slipped by your elbow as you revise for tomorrow’s exam . . . it’s the comfort and care and minding that we all need from time to time.

And what is Life without poetry and art and music?; without the celebration of wild spirits?; without the creative collision of ideas and experiences? . . . It’s drab and it’s mean and NOT for us.

We ARE all about the joy of giving; to those you love now, to those you might come to love, to yourself.

Clive Salter
Eileen O’Brien
Blue Shoe Gallery